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Security Advantage

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What’s in my Kit? Quantity
24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring
Advanced Mobile Apps
Window Stickers
Yard Sign
Fire Safety Sensor
Base (S30)
Entry Keypad Subtract Add
Keychain Remote Subtract Add
Security Touchpad Subtract Add
Motion Sensor Subtract Add
Door & Window Sensors Subtract Add
Indoor Security Camera Subtract Add
Cloud Video Storage
Additional Items: $0.00
Activation Fee: $99.99

Monthly Monitoring: $39.99
Length of Contract 36 Months

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Easy as 1-2-3 Wireless Security

Do you know most home security systems can easily be defeated by simply cutting wires or pulling the control panel off the wall? Not with LifeShield!

LifeShield's advanced wireless security technology provides 4 layers of back-up protection (Internet, cellular, phone, and battery backup) so you are secure even if the Internet goes down, the power goes out, even if your phone lines are cut.

Aside from the most advanced security technology, LifeShield's easy setup will have your home and family protected in no time. All wireless components and sensors make it simple for you to set up – most customers are up and running in under one hour.

Security Sensors, PLUS Smart Fire Protection

Wireless security sensors make it easy to protect your home. Stick sensors wherever you need them most - from exterior doors and windows to interior cabinets. Then, customize settings for each sensor so that you're always in-the-know.

Plus, our proprietary fire safety sensor can't be found anywhere else. LifeShield's Fire Safety Sensor comes standard with most LifeShield home security kits. Working with existing hardwired smoke detectors, it keeps your family, pets and property protected with professional monitoring services for fire emergencies.

Other security companies claim to have fire protection but require you to be home and able to notify emergency services in the event of a fire.

Interactive Home Monitoring with LifeShield

Introducing LifeShield – the most advanced interactive security on the market today. LifeShield is the cutting edge portal you get for FREE with the purchase of a LifeShield Home Security kit. With LifeShield, you get FREE interactive remote monitoring and complete security access no matter where you are, any day, anytime!

From the LifeShield Dashboard, you can access several modules designed to help you protect what you love most. Get crime alerts for recent burglaries in your area, check your Safety Score, and see system status and history to get insight on how you can make your home more safe. You can even set custom alerts and notifications for each sensor in your home and view live video and snapshots!

Check out just a few of the great ways our customers use LifeShield to keep their homes and families safe:

  • Create user codes on the fly if you need to let a neighbor or friend in while you are on vacation
  • Use your phone, tablet or computer to check in on pets via the LifeShield wireless camera connection
  • Set a trigger to take a snapshot or video when the front door opens after 10:00PM, and know exactly what time your teenager came home
  • Get a text or email if the back door doesn't open at 3:30 when the kids are supposed to be home from school
  • Use your phone to arm and disarm the alarm when you are traveling for work
  • Get the latest crime statistics for your area
  • Monitor your vacation home for freezing temperatures so you can be sure your pipes don't burst
  • Put a water sensor in your basement near the hot water heater that has seen better days
  • Set home maintenance reminders in LifeShield so you remember the next time that hot water heater needs to get serviced

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