Order today and get a FREE Camera!*Order today and get a FREE Camera!*

Protection That Never Quits

Ultimate Monitoring with 3 centers coast-to-coast and a LifeShield Base with four layers of protection.

Ready for Anything

LifeShield’s monitoring centers protect over 800,000 customers. LifeShield has three connected monitoring centers from coast-to-coast—all backed up with two generators and uninterruptible power supplies. No matter what disaster may occur, you are protected 24/7.

24/7 Protection from Three Connected Monitoring Centers

Four Layers of Protection

The LifeShield® Base station provides four layers of protection—high-speed Internet, cellular signal, cellular text, and landline phone—for blazingly fast response times that will reach the monitoring centers in seconds. So, even if the internet goes down and the phone lines are cut, you stay protected.

Always on Battery Backup
If the power is out, LifeShield’s base keeps going with a 24-hour battery backup, ensuring seamless support of the 4 layers of protection.

4 Layers of Protection

LifeShield offers these powerful security features

Smash & Crash Protection means your system stays connected even if intruders destroy the keypad

Patented, life-saving fire & carbon monoxide “listening” sensors upgrade your existing home alarms

Advanced video monitoring includes WiFi-enabled cameras for constant surveillance & motion-activated recording

Pet-smart motion sensors fit your lifestyle

Discreet sensors are simple to install—get wireless security in under an hour

Immediate notification via text to your phone for home alert sensors and cameras

There’s No Comparison–Protect Your Home and Family with LifeShield

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