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How to Set Up the LifeShield Yard Sign
The LifeShield Yard sign is simple to set up, and is an important crime deterrent.  There are two pieces to the stake that holds the yard sign: an upper and a lower piece. The upper piece has 3 holes and the lower piece has 1 hole.

Setting Up the Yard Sign:
1.  Locate upper metal stake with 3 holes. Place Yard Sign on stake, with top of sign at one of the ends of the stake, and bottom of sign in the middle. If holes do not line up perfectly, try turning sign around and using other hole at end of stake.
2.  Use small black screws to attach sign to stake. If you want to make Yard Sign taller, attach second metal stake to bottom of pole using metal connector piece.
3.  Stick metal stake connector piece into bottom of upper yard sign stake. Use small black metal screw to attach connector to stake.
4.  Take other metal stake and locate end with hole in it. Place exposed end of connector piece in end of stake with one hole in it. Use small black screw to connect to two ends. 

When sign is attached securely to stake, find location outside your home, near a high traffic area, and place stake in ground. Use a hammer or rubber mallet to gently tap stick into ground. ake sure yard sign is clearly visible and not obscured by trees or shrubs