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Installing the Environmental Sensor as a Temperature Sensor:
1.  Locate Honeywell 5821 (red and white) box and remove white wireless transmitter from box.
2.  Using flat object such as a screwdriver, pry off top cover of transmitter and set aside.
3. Press down on mounting plate bracket release tab to remove (slide off) mounting plate and set aside.
4. Reference table to determine desired sensing type (Hot Temp, Cold Temp, Warm Temp or Flood [water]). Using tip of paperclip (or similar object) push white (sliding) buttons of DIP switch into configuration that corresponds to desired sensing type.
To Set Temperature Sensor (Hot, Warm or Cold):
1.  Locate Mounting Bracket where it will be most suitable for temperature sensing (on wall, ceiling, etc.). Using either supplied screws or double-faced adhesive tape, secure mounting bracket to flat surface (wall or ceiling).
2.  Install CR123A Battery (supplied) into Wireless Transmitter noting correct orientation of positive (+) and negative (-) ends.
3.  Position Wireless Transmitter over Mounting Plate and slide wireless transmitter securely into place (until it clicks).

To Add Sensor to LifeShield System:
1.  Once Temperature Sensor is installed it must be “added” to LifeShield system in order to function. You will need a Handset (or Console) to add it
2.  Enter SECURITY menu on Handset (or Console)
3.  On Handset (or Console) press MENU, scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT and enter Master Code.
4.  Scroll to Sensors and press SELECT.
5.  Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT.
6.  Scroll to Environmental and press SELECT.
7.  Following instructions displayed on Handset (or Console) wait 5 seconds, then press and release red “tamper” button on Wireless Transmitter.

Once Sensor has been added to LifeShield System:
1.  Use “Edit” feature to rename device (optional) Note: Press DELETE to erase text and use keypad to type in a new name, then press OK.
2.  Scroll down to select type of condition to which this Sensor will be associated (flood, cold, warm or hot) and press SELECT.
3.  Press OK to return to Main Menu
4.  Position top cover in place over Wireless Transmitter and snap into place, being careful not to pinch or cut wires.

To Test Temperature Sensor (hot, cold, warm):
1.  To test that Environmental Sensor is sensing cold, put it in refrigerator for several minutes to get accurate reading.
2.  To test that Environmental Sensor is sensing hot, hold it at least 12" from a blow dryer for several minutes get accurate reading.