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To Install the Smoke Detector:
1.  Remove the Smoke Detector and related components from the box and physically install the bottom bracket to the ceiling according to the directions.
2.  Remove the plastic tab inside the device in order to activate the battery.
3.  Attach the smoke sensor securely by snapping it to the bracket.
To Add the Smoke Detector to your LifeShield System using the Console:
1.  On the Console, press MENU.
2.  Scroll to Security Setup, press SELECT
3.  Enter your Master Code*.
4.  Scroll to Sensors, press SELECT.
5.  Scroll to <Add New>, press SELECT.
6.  Scroll down to Smoke Detector, press SELECT.
7.  Follow the instructions displayed on the LCD screen:
a.“Un-clip Sensor from the bracket – 30 Seconds”. Detach the Smoke Detector from the mounting bracket by twisting counter-clockwise and lifting the top from the mounting bracket. You will have 30 seconds to complete this step.
b. “Sensor Found, Please Wait – 30 Seconds” When the Smoke Detector has successfully been added you will hear 4 fast confirmation beeps from the LifeShield system. If there are no confirmation beeps, check to make sure that the battery insulator tab has been removed, re-attach the Smoke Detector to the mounting bracket and repeat the steps above.
c.“Sensor Added” Confirmation that the Sensor has been added properly. Press OK.
d.“Edit Name” Use the Edit feature to rename the device (if desired). Press DELETE to erase text, and use the keypad to enter the new one.
8.  Press OK, then press BACK until the Main Menu is displayed.
9.  Re-attach the Smoke Detector to the mounting bracket.

*Master code is found on the inside cover of your setup guide