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Trouble Condition: "Low Batt" (Low Battery)

If you are receiving the error message “Low Bat” or “Lost” you may need to replace the battery if:
1. You have removed and reseated Sensor and problem occurs again within 7 days
2. The Sensor has been installed for more than one year. 

If you have replaced the battery in your Door/Window Sensor and you still see the “LOW BAT” or “LOST” error message on your Console, you may need to delete the sensor and re-add it to your system.

To Delete a Sensor:
1.  Press MENU
2.  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
3.  Enter Master Code*
4.  Scroll to Sensors and press SELECT
5.  Scroll to the sensor you want to delete and press SELECT
6.  Scroll down to DELETE and press SELECT
Follow the directions for Adding a New Sensor to re-add the Sensor to your system.

*Master Code is found on the inside cover of the Quick Setup Guide.