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Placing and Adding Slim Door & Window Sensors

Note: You will NOT need to use the antenna extension provided with sensor.

Placing Preprogrammed or PreregisteredSensors:
Note: Preprogrammed sensors have unique properties built in.
  • Door sensors have an entry delay of 30 seconds, and an exit delay of 60 seconds.
  • Window sensors have an entry and exit delay of 0 seconds.
Activating the Sensor
  1. Activate the slim sensor. Pull the clear plastic battery tab from the sensor. (You may need to insert a pointy object, such as a pen, into the plastic loop to assist in pulling out the tab.)
  2. To test if the sensor has been activated, place the provided magnet against the side of the sensor with 3 raised lines. Then separate the sensor from the magnet at least 4 inches apart. If the sensor is properly activated, you should hear the Console chime.
Placing the Sensor
  1. Once the sensor has been activated, choose which door or window in your home where you would like to adhere the sensor.
  2. Determine the placement and orientation of the sensor and magnet.  You must place Magnet against side of Sensor with three raised lines in order for Sensor to properly function. Various orientations between Sensor and Magnet may be used as long as 1/2” distance is not exceeded.
  3. Clean the area where you have chosen to place the sensor to ensure that the tape holds firmly to the door or window. You may also use the screws provided with the sensors to secure them to the wall.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the placement, remove the light blue paper from the tape and press the sticky side to the sensor.
  5. Remove the white paper from the other side of the tape and place the sensor on the window or door frame.  NOTE: BEFORE PLACING, ENSURE THAT THE 3 RAISED LINES ON THE MAGNET WILL ALIGN WITH THE SENSOR.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 steps for the magnet, and place the magnet on the window or door. 


To Change or Customize Preprogrammed Sensors 
A)  Press MENU on Console
B)  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
C)  Enter Master Code*
D)  Scroll to Sensors, press SELECT
E)  Select Sensor to be modified
F)  Use MENU to select and change sensor's settings. (Options include Name, Entry Delay, Placement, Sound Type, Alarm Type, and Delete)
To Add Additional Sensors
Before adding the Sensor, pull the battery tab
NOTE: you may need to insert an object, such as a pen, into the plastic loop to assist in pulling out the tab
G)  Press MENU on Console
H)  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
I)  Enter Master Code*
J)  Scroll to Sensors, press SELECT
K)  Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT
L)  Scroll to Slim Sensor and press SELECT
M)  Wait for 5-second countdown to finish
N)  Your Console will read “Fault and Restore 3 times in 10 seconds”. To do this, you must place Magnet against the side of the Sensor with three raised lines, and then separate the Magnet from Sensor (at least 4” apart). Repeat at least 3 times or until Sensor is added successfully (the Console will make a beeping noise while it is adding the Sensor). Console will read “Sensor Added
O)  Edit Sensor Name (Optional)
• Press DELETE to remove default name
• Using the keys on Console keypad, type in desired name
• Press OK when complete
P)  Select Sensor Placement and scroll to Door or Window and press OK
Q)  Select Alarm Type: Scroll to Stay & Away, Away Only, or Convenience and press OK
R)  With system disarmed, test Sensor by opening door or window. Correct setup will  generate a chime sound
*Your master code can be found on the inside cover of the setup guide