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Slim Sensor Expandable Magnet

The Slim Door & Window Sensor Expandable Magnet should be used for recessed windows and doors (when Sensor and Magnet do not align within ½ inch), or to insulate the Sensor from extreme hot and cold temperatures or metal surfaces. The Expandable Magnet can also be used as a replacement for the magnet provided with the original Sensor, and has adjustable heights to fit your home’s needs.

Your Expandable Magnet comes with:
  • Magnet
  • Adjustable Bracket
  • Spacer
  • Tape
  • Screws (optional)

How to Install the Expandable Magnet
A.  If Slim Door & Window Sensor and Magnet that were included in your kit do not align within ½”, remove Magnet; this will be replaced by the Expandable Magnet (you will not use the original magnet, but keep it in case you ever move sensor to a new location).
Note: The Expandable Magnet CANNOT be placed on top of existing Magnet—you should remove the original magnet completely.
B. Remove Spacer from Expandable Magnet (expandable magnet has spacer attached to bottom; to remove, slide spacer down until it clicks out of place).

C. Once Spacer is detached from Expandable Magnet, use it to determine where Spacer/Expandable Magnet need to be mounted.
NOTE: flat side of spacer is side that will attach to tape and to wall.
D. First, attach Spacer to wall. To mount Spacer, use thin, rectangular tape provided with Expandable Magnet. Peel white paper from tape and place it on bottom of spacer. Then remove green paper from reverse side of tape and adhere spacer to wall.

E. Next, adjust and attach Expandable Magnet to Spacer. Once Spacer is mounted, adjust Expandable Magnet to desired height by pinching two sides of Expandable Magnet and sliding adjustable bracket inside Magnet to desired height and locking grooves into place.

F. Attach Expandable Magnet to Spacer by placing keyhole on bottom of Expandable Magnet over notch on Spacer, then slide and snap Magnet into place.

G. Once you have Expandable Magnet mounted, test your Sensor by opening and closing door or window and listen for chime from Console.