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LifeShield Slim Door & Window Sensors are unique because they can be used to monitor both interior and exterior doors, as well as windows, drawers, closets, cabinets, gates, and anything else that opens and closes. Homeowners love to use LifeShield sensors creatively to track when doors open, when pets come and go, or even if babysitters (or curious visitors) open drawers and medicine cabinets. You can also add a sensor to the liquor cabinet to keep teenagers out, or position cameras to take photos or video any time a sensor is triggered.
When triggered, sensors can chime or be silent. You can also customize exterior sensors to sound an alarm, but interior sensors to just send text and email alert messages. It’s up to you. LifeShield also lets you set entry and exit delays for sensors that fit your lifestyle. For example, you can temporarily bypass a sensor to keep the window open even while your system is armed.
Troubleshooting Slim Door & Window Sensor issues:
"Low Batt" (Low Battery)
Using the Slim Door & Window Sensors with LifeShield: