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Before installing, you need to determine which in-home detector will be the “Target” hazard detector. Many homes have several smoke/fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The Siren Detector needs to be placed within 3 inches of one of your existing sensors.

We recommend placing a Siren Detector in each level of your home. As with all sensors, your Siren Detector also needs to be within 30 feet of your LifeShield Base, Console, Cellular Gateway, Grid Controller or Handset. If it is not within range, the system may not receive the signal.

Note: Before you set up your Siren Detector, you need to set up and install your LifeShield System and have a Console available to use
1.  Remove Siren Detector Bracket. Do this by turning over the sensor so you see the bottom, and pressing release tab while gently pulling bracket away from device.  
2.  Place Installation Template on ceiling or wall next to existing target hazard detector (smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector) and use a pencil or pen to mark locations of the two screw hole openings.
3.  Attach Fire Safety Sensor Bracket to ceiling using one of two methods:
- Double-Sided Tape: Remove paper backing from double-sided tape. Place bracket slightly below ceiling so that arrow inside bracket faces hazard detector. Press bracket onto ceiling. 
- Screws and Anchors: Drill a ¼ inch hole in each of the marks made using installation template. Insert wall anchors. Secure bracket to ceiling with screws, making sure arrow on bracket points towards hazard detector. 
4.  Remove Battery Insulator Tab by pulling tab straight out. Press lightly on battery to make sure battery is securely in place (you can throw tab away).
5.  Install Siren Detector by snapping it into installed bracket on ceiling or wall.

To add Siren Detector to LifeShield System using Console:
1.  On Console, Press MENU.
2.  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT.
3.  Enter Master Code*.
4.  Scroll to Sensors and press SELECT.
5.  Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT.
6.  Scroll to Siren Detector and press SELECT.
7.  Following instructions displayed on Console, wait 5 seconds, then press button on Siren Detector and the system should “find” Siren Detector.
8.  Follow directions on Console and press “Test” button on hazard detector (the smoke or carbon monoxide detector).  If test passes, Console will display “Siren Detector Added”  
Note: If test does not pass within 10–12 seconds of siren sounding, then hazard detector may need to have the batteries replaced or detector itself may need to be replaced
9.  Once Siren Detector passes test, it is added to LifeShield system. Press “Edit” to change name of Sensor, then press OK.
10.  Scroll down to select type of hazard detector being used with this Siren Detector: options include “Smoke/Fire”, “Carbon Monoxide”, and ‘Both” if you have a dual detector (this will determine which message is sent to central monitoring center during an emergency).
11. Press OK to return to main menu.