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To Place Motion Sensor:
A) Distinguish top of Motion Sensor from bottom  
NOTE: If Sensor is placed upside down it will not work.
B) Decide where to place Motion Sensor in your home; recommended mounting height is 7.5 feet.
NOTE: Avoid areas that could trigger false alarms such as air conditioning units, heat, fans, or direct sunlight.
C) Clean area of desired location to ensure tape holds firmly to wall.
D) Apply adhesive tape to back of Motion Sensor.
E) Make sure Sensor is in correct orientation (not upside-down) then place Motion Sensor on wall.
To Add Additional Motion Sensors:
F) Remove front cover of Motion Sensor by pressing tab at bottom with finger or pen; remove battery.
G) Press MENU on Console
H)  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
I) Enter Master Code*
J) Scroll to Sensors and press SELECT
K) Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT
L)  Scroll to Motion and press SELECT
M) Follow instructions displayed on Console:
• Console will display “Preparing to Add” and will start 5-second countdown.
• Once countdown is complete Console will read “Insert Battery”; insert battery into Motion Sensor (you will have 30 seconds to complete this step).
N) When Motion Sensor has successfully been added you will hear a confirmation beep.
• If there is no confirmation beep, remove battery from Motion Sensor, then re-insert battery.
O) Once Motion Sensor has been added to system, use “Edit” feature to rename device (if desired) and press DELETE to erase text and use keypad to enter new name, then press OK.
P) Re-attach front cover of Motion Sensor and place Sensor in desired location.