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NOTE: The Keychain Remote provided in the kit is ready to go and preprogrammed for the Master User. These steps are for programming ADDITIONAL Keychain Remotes for your system.  If you have more than one Remote, you must create new Usercodes before those keychains can be added. The LifeShield system can support up to 8 Users (1 Master User, and 7 Normal Users).

For each additional Keychain Remote, you must first create a unique User/Usercode.
To Add New Users/Usercodes:
Usercodes can be easily added, changed or deleted from the system Console:
A)  Press MENU on Console
B)  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
C) Enter Master Code*
D)  Scroll to Users and press SELECT
E)  Scroll to Add New and press SELECT
F)  The Keychain Remote defaults to “User 1”; use DELETE button to erase default and enter desired name using Console, press OK when complete
G)  When system prompts you to “Edit Code”, create a unique 4-digit arming code for this user, press OK
NOTE: Must be different from the Master Code (all codes must be unique)
H) System will ask “Add?” and display the name of the new user, press OK

Once you have created the new users/usercodes for each Keychain Remote, continue to the next steps to add Keychain Remotes to your system.
To Add Additional Keychain Remotes:
I)  Press MENU on Console
J)  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
K) Enter Master Code*
L) Scroll to Keychains and press SELECT
M) Scroll to Add New and press SELECT
N) Console will display “Preparing to Add” and begin 5-second countdown
O) After countdown completes, press ALL THREE KEYCHAIN BUTTONS AT THE SAME TIME
P) Console will say “Keychain Found and Added”. Press OK
Q) Choose user from list that you want to assign to the Keychain. Press SLECT
R) Select to enable or disable panic button as desired for Keychain

*Master code is found on the inside cover of your Setup Guide