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The LifeShield Keychain Remote is an easy and secure way to arm and disarm your LifeShield Security System. The simple and limited functionality of the Keychain Remote makes it perfect for children, people who don’t feel comfortable around technology, the elderly, home care workers, and even trusted overnight guests who aren’t familiar with your system. Each Keychain Remote on your system is assigned to a specific user, so you can track who comes and goes.

Using the Keychain Remote:

The Keychain Remote provided with your system may be pre-registered to your LifeShield system; in which case there are no set up steps required. Once your system is set up, you will be able to use your Keychain Remove immediately. 
  • To arm your system, press and hold STAY or AWAY.
  • To disarm, press and hold CANCEL/OFF.
  • To panic the system, press and hold STAY and AWAY at the same time for 2 seconds.
(Note: You must change the settings on your keychain remote to enable the panic function.)
Troubleshooting Keychain Remote Issues:
"Low Batt"
Keychain Remote Not Working