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The Camera is wireless, but needs to be plugged in to an Ethernet cable during the setup process. This Security Camera needs to be on the same router as the LifeShield base during setup.

Setting up the RCM811LS Indoor Camera:
1.  Plug Ethernet cord and then power cord into back of Camera.
2.  Wait for POWER light to go solid and for NETWORKING light to start flickering (wait approximately 1 minute, more time may be needed).
3.  Using Console press MENU.
4.  Scroll to Cameras and press SELECT.
5.  Enter Master Code*.
6.  Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT.
7.  Screen will display “Use Auto Search.” Scroll to Yes and press SELECT.
8.  Screen will then display “Connect all Cameras to Power and Ethernet”. Select OK (this should have been completed during Step 1. If it was not done, plug Ethernet cord, then power cord into back of Camera now).
9.   System will search for Camera to be added to system, and screen will say “Searching…” and display number of cameras found. Console will then start a 120 countdown.
10. Once Console displays number of cameras you added to system (example: 1 camera found), select OK.
11. Edit Camera Name (Optional)
a.  To edit name of camera press DELETE button to erase and use keypad to enter new name and press OK.
12.  If Console displays 0 cameras found, press OK.
13.  Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT.
14.  Screen will display “Use Auto Search”. Scroll to No and press SELECT.
15.  Screen will display “Enter Camera Code” (this can be found on back of Camera as server name.  It will be SCxxxxxx.  Use the last 6 digits/characters).
16.  Enter code using Console keypad and press SELECT.
17.  System will search for Camera to be added to system and screen will display  “Searching…”.  Console will then start a 120 countdown
18.  Console will display “Camera Found” and then press OK.
19.  Edit Camera Name (Optional)
a.   To edit name of camera press DELETE button to erase and use keypad to enter new name and press OK.
Note: You must know your Network SSID, Security Type (WPA/WPA2, WEP or None), and Password to complete this process. Your camera must also be on the same wireless network and router as your LifeShield Base to setup properly.
1.  Log in to LifeShield.
2.  Once logged in, click on “Cameras” tab.
3.  You will see Cameras associated with your account on left-hand side of screen. From drop-down menu, select Camera you want to make wireless.
4.  Click on “Setting” button located in right-hand corner.
5.  Click on “Edit” button.
6.  Enter wireless information:
a.  Wireless Network SSID: Home Network Name
b.  Wireless Connection Security: you will need to know if you have WEP, WPA/WPA2, or None
c.  Wireless Password: Home Network Password
7.  Once your wireless information has been submitted WAIT 2 MINUTES, then unplug power cord and then Ethernet cord. WAIT 10 SECONDS and plug power cord back into Camera.
Note: During this time your camera status will show as “disconnected” in LifeShield
8.  Once Camera obtains a wireless connection to router, the status in LifeShield will display “Camera Ready” (this can take a few minutes).
9.  If Camera works while connected to Ethernet but not wirelessly, then WIFI* information must be verified. Repeat.
10. Test Camera by playing a live video or by taking a snapshot (options at bottom of settings tab page). Make sure you select the correct camera prior to testing  
Note: It may take a few minutes for Camera to properly take pictures and video through LifeShield (wait if necessary)
*Master Code is found on the inside cover of the Quick Setup Guide