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Setting Up the Handset and Charger:

Install Battery Pack:
1.  Open Battery compartment
2.  Insert Battery plug into two-pin jack, and insert Battery.
3.  Replace Battery cover
NOTE: Use only the LifeShield LS80 Battery Pack.
4.  Attach Belt Clip to Handset by snapping Belt Clip on both sides of phone.
5.  Connect Power Adapter to bottom of Charging Cradle and plug it into electrical wall outlet.
Charge the Handset:
Place Handset in Charging Cradle (when properly seated on the cradle, amber light on front of the cradle will be illuminated).
NOTE: Immediately place Handset in Charging Cradle that came packed with Handset. Handset must be charged for at least 30 minutes prior to attempting any security system installation. It must be charged for 2 hours before making phone calls.
The phone system comes with various settings pre-defined from factory. You can change these settings, including ring tone, volume, distinctive ring, and display contrast, after you activate your system. The system will allow a maximum of 8 Handset/Console or Grid Extender combinations.
To Add Handset to Your LifeShield System:
Follow these steps for adding an additional Handset to a LifeShield system (Handsets that come with home security kits are pre-registered and do not require these steps):
1.  On existing Handset or Console, use SCROLL and SELECT buttons to navigate to GC or Handset (Menu/Security Setup/GCs or Handset/<Add New>)
2.  Press SELECT to Add New and the system will begin searching for new Handset.
3.  On new Handset press SEARCH. 
4.  System display and an audio signal will inform you Handset is found.
5.  You will then be given option to edit default name.
6.  Use DELETE to erase current name and replace with new using keypad.