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You need a grid extender ONLY if you want to add sensors (including door/window, motion, and environmental sensors) beyond the range of your current Base or Console. Please note: your complete system may not exceed 8 GCs (Base, Console, Grid Extender, Handset or Cellular Gateway).

Start by determining the placement location of your Grid Extender. It must be within 100 feet of the main piece of equipment for your LifeShield system (i.e. Console or Base). Place the Grid Extender in a location away from the Console and Base, like a second floor location. (Having these devices spread throughout the home will maximize system coverage.) A power outlet is required to operate the Grid Extender.
Add the Grid Extender
Use a Handset or Console that is currently registered on the System to follow the steps for adding the Grid Extender. Also, before installing Grid Extender, unplug and remove battery.
  1. Press MENU on your Handset or Console.
  2. Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT.
  3. Enter Master Code*
  4. Scroll to GCs or Handsets and press SELECT.
  5. Connect Grid Extender to power outlet (with battery still removed). On Grid Extender, press and hold the center button until the green light rapidly flashes, stops flashing rapidly, then starts flashing rapidly a second time.
  6. Press SELECT to <Add New>. The system will begin searching for the new Grid Extender you are adding.
  7. A message will appear on the Handset or Console when the system has found and added the Grid Extender.
  8. When the Grid Extender is found, please wait 60 seconds
  9. Unplug and insert battery.
  10. You will then be given option to edit default name. Use DELETE to erase current name and replace with new text by using keypad. Press OK when editing is complete.

Installing the Grid Extender
Start by installing the battery.
  1. Open Battery compartment.
  2. Insert Battery plug into two-pin jack, and insert the Battery. Replace Battery cover.
  3. Plug Grid Extender into electrical wall outlet.
Securing Grid Extender (Optional)
  1. For personal safety, turn off power to outlet at the circuit breaker.
  2. Leave wall plate on outlet, but remove center screw.
  3. Plug Grid Extender into electrical outlet with the phone jack facing down.
  4. Replace center screw by inserting it through the tab on Grid Extender.
  5. Turn on power at circuit breaker.
Adding Additional Phone Backup (optional)
Plug one end of phone cord into phone jack on bottom of Grid Extender and other into an active phone wall jack (if you have DSL, use DSL filter).