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How to install a Glass Break sensor:
1.  Remove Glass Break Sensor and related components from box and install the device according to the manufacturer’s printed instructions.  NOTE: It is important to follow the manufacturer’s printed instructions regarding:
a. Connecting batteries
b. Adjusting sensitivity
c. Selecting location 
d. Mounting device prior to moving on to next step involving integration of this device with your LifeShield system
NOTE: it is not necessary to “Enroll” the device at this time.
2.  Mount the Glass Break Sensor to a flat surface and close the front cover.
Add the Glass Break Sensor to the LifeShield System:
NOTE: A LifeShield system (including Base and at least one Handset or Console) must be installed before a Glass Break Sensor can be added.
Starting with Glass Break Sensor mounted to flat surface with the front cover open:
1.  On the Handset or Console, press MENU.
2.  Scroll to Security Setup, press SELECT and enter the Master Code.*
3.  Scroll to Sensors, press SELECT.
4.  Scroll to <Add New>, press SELECT.
5.  Scroll to Glass Break, press SELECT.

Following the instructions displayed on the LCD screen:
NOTE: Wait 5 seconds, then open front cover of Glass Break Sensor (press “Tamper” for 1 second and release). You will have 30 seconds to complete this step.
1.  When Glass Break Sensor has successfully been added, you will hear 4 fast confirmation beeps from LifeShield system.
2. If there are no confirmation beeps, check that battery insulator tab has been removed; then repeat steps above.
NOTE: The “tamper” button is a small metal plate inside the square hole on the inside of sensor (must open front cover to see).
Once Glass Break sensor has been added to the LifeShield System:
1.  Use “Edit” feature to rename device (if desired). Press DELETE to erase text and keypad keys to type new name.
2. Press OK, then press BACK until Main Menu is displayed.
3.  Shut front cover of Glass Break Sensor.

*Master Code is found on inside cover of your Quick Setup Guide