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Trouble Condition: Sensor Not Found
If you have tried to add the Fire Safety Sensor to your LifeShield system and are having difficulty with sensor not being detected by the system, you may need to follow some additional steps.

If you are trying to add the Fire Safety Sensor to the LifeShield system using the Console, and it isn’t working, it may be for one of these reasons:  

1. Range – The Fire Safety Sensor may be too far away from the Console, Base, Cellular Gateway, Handset, or Grid Extender. The Fire Safety Sensor, like all sensors, needs to be within 30 feet of a grid controller. Try moving the Siren Detector closer to the system and test again.
2.  Siren Sound – The smoke/fire or carbon monoxide detector that the Fire Safety Sensor is next to needs to emit a loud, consistent sound. If you have a talking siren, a quiet siren, or one that makes musical tones, the siren detector will not work. Try moving the siren detector to a different smoke alarm, or purchase a different alarm model.