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Before you set up your LifeShield Console, you’ll need to decide where you want to place it in your home. You can mount it on a wall or place it on a table, providing it is near an outlet and no more than 100 feet from the Base.

Connect Battery and Plug In Console
A)  Locate battery compartment door on left side of Console and slide it open
B)  Inside the battery compartment, plug the Console battery pack into plug connector. Make sure to match red and black ends of plug with the connectors properly
C) Insert battery pack into the compartment. Slide the battery compartment door back onto Console
D) Connect one provided power adapter to back of the Console and weave cord through the channel on bottom of Console
Mount the Console
E) If the Console is going to rest on table or counter, add table stand to bottom of Console. Plug the other end of power cord into wall outlet
F) If Console is going to be mounted on a wall:
• Select wall location and mark spots on wall where upper and lower screws will go using mounting plate as a template
• Drill 3/16” holes and insert drywall anchors provided
• Screw mounting screws into anchors, leaving heads about 3/8” away from wall
• After checking that power cord is correctly in place, attach wall mounting plate to Console
• Place Console with wall mounting plate onto wall screws
• Plug Console power cord into outlet