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Trouble Condition: "Lost"

If your Cellular Gateway says “Lost”, you may need to delete it from the system and then re-add it.

To Delete the Cellular Gateway:
1.  Press MENU.
2.  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT
3.  Enter Master Code*
4.  Scroll to GCs or Handsets and press SELECT.
5.  Scroll to CGW you want to delete and press SELECT.
6.  Scroll down to DELETE and press SELECT.
7.  Follow directions for “Adding a New Sensor” to re-add sensor to system

Using a Handset or Console:
1.  Press MENU.
2.  Scroll to Security Setup and press SELECT .
3.  Enter Master Code*.
4.  Scroll to GCs or Handset and press SELECT
5.  Scroll to <Add New> and press SELECT. System will begin searching for Cellular Gateway you want to add.
6.  On Cellular Gateway, press and hold the button in center of device until green light starts flashing. Continue to hold until it stops flashing and wait until you see it rapidly flashing a second time. This will put Cellular Gateway in registration mode.
7.  If system successfully finds Cellular Gateway, Handset or Console/Keypad will show “CGW GX Found-Please Wait 60 Seconds” message.
8.  After 60 seconds, message “CGW GX Added” will appear.
9.  Use “Edit” feature to rename Cellular Gateway (optional). Press DELETE to erase current name and use keypad to enter new name.

*Master Code is found on inside cover of Quick Setup Guide