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Before you set up your LifeShield Base BSC1001, you’ll need to decide where you want to place it in your home. This is the only component that needs to be connected to the Internet via a standard Ethernet cable.
A) Place the Base near your modem/router
B) Remove stand by pulling Table Stand downward and away from main body of Base
C) Insert large blue battery (located in bottom tray of your kit). You should see red light on back of base light up temporarily. Replace Table Stand by sliding it back onto main body of Base
D) Insert one of provided power adapters into jack on back left side of the Base, inside of well. Then plug power adapter into wall outlet
E) Connect Ethernet cable between a port on your router and back of Base. You will see a green and a yellow light flickering. This shows that the Internet connection was successful.
NOTE: Ethernet cord should always remain plugged in to Base and router/modem, to ensure that your system works.

Optional: If you connect a phone cord from the system Base to a telephone wall jack, you’ll have a back-up path for alarm communications in the event that your Internet connection stops functioning. (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO NON-VOIP PHONE SERVICES)