THE LIMITED WARRANTY APPLICABLE TO (i) LIFESHIELD-BRANDED PRODUCTS THAT YOU LEASE, AND (ii) ANY ACCESSORIES/CUSTOMER PURCHASED EQUIPMENT, CAN BE FOUND AT OR IN THE DOCUMENTATION LIFESHIELD PROVIDES WITH LIFESHIELD-BRANDED PRODUCTS. Subject to the terms of the Limited Warranty and the Extended Warranty set forth below, you are responsible for the loss of, damage to, or the entire cost of, any necessary service or repair of the leased System equipment. NEITHER LIMITED WARRANTY NOR EXTENDED WARRANTY SERVICE APPLIES TO PROMOTIONAL ITEMS OR GIFTS. Read Section 17 (Limitations on our Limited Warrany and Extended Warranty Obligation) for other important limitations and exclusions. You have no right to sell, give away, transfer, pledge, mortgage, alter or tamper with the equipment. OTHER THAN THE REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT SERVICES FOR THE SYSTEM OR ANY COMPONENT THEREOF, WE MAKE NO WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATION, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING ANY SERVICE OR EQUIPMENT, WHICH IS PROVIDED TO YOU AS IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS. ALL SUCH WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED. LIFESHIELD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RELATING TO THE LEASED SYSTEM EQUIPMENT OR ANY ACCESSORIES/CUSTOMER PURCHASED EQUIPMENT. By leasing from us, you acknowledge that you have had an opportunity to review our warranty terms, have done so to the degree you feel you need to be familiar with them, and you accept their terms and conditions, including the limitations, exclusions, and disclaimers. STATE LAW: Certain state laws do not allow limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain damages. If these laws apply to you, some or all of the disclaimers, exclusions or limitations may not apply to you, and you might have additional rights.
If you purchase the Extended Warranty at the time of entering into this Contract, it will apply to the leased Security Kit and accessories/customer purchased equipment for the term of the Contract as long as your stay in good standing with up-to-date monthly service and warranty payments. Extended warranty coverage can be purchased only when you initially enter into this Contract, but accessories/customer purchased equipment, if any, acquired at any point after the commencement of the Initial Term shall be covered under the Extended Warranty as well. THE EXTENDED WARRANTY APPLICABLE TO LIFESHIELD HOME SECURITY KIT PRODUCTS, including a step-by-step explanation of the procedure to obtain extended warranty services, CAN BE FOUND AT
We have no obligation under our Limited Warranty if we reasonably determine that your need for service was caused by any event, condition or circumstance beyond our control, other than ordinary wear and tear to your leased System. For example, our Limited Warranty does not cover any of the damage or loss of use resulting from, or necessary because of, any of the following: natural disasters, fires, storms, accidents, acts of God, strikes, riots, floods, or terrorism, Furthermore, neither our Limited Warranty nor the Extended Warranty covers any of the damage or loss of use resulting from, or necessary because of, any of the following: (A) your misuse of, or tampering with, the System; (B) telephone line malfunctions or modifications to your telephone service that render it incompatible with your System; (C) your failure to provide ordinary maintenance to your leased System or any accessories/customer purchased equipment; (D) anyone other than our authorized representative performing service on your System, except at our specific direction; (E) physical alterations made by you or third parties to your Premises or to your System, or made necessary by damage to your Premises or your System; (F) any change in laws or regulations that make it impossible or impracticable to continue use the System as is; or (G) any other reasons beyond our control. You must furnish the necessary electrical power through your meter at your expense to obtain warranty or extended services.