The System and the equipment comprising it (other than accessories/customer purchased equipment) are leased by LifeShield to you. Upon the termination of the Agreement, you shall return the equipment comprising the leased System as set forth in this Paragraph 19 (Return Policy and Non-Returned Equipment Fee). Please call 1-888-723-8894 within seven (7) days of termination to receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. After we issue an RMA, you must send back to us the tablet, the keypad console and base and such other leased equipment comprising the System as we may instruct you when issuing the RMA (the "Required Equipment"). Unless otherwise requested by us, the Required equipment will not include sensors, which may be retained by you, and we reserve the right to abandon any components of the System and will not be liable for any costs or damages associated with their recovery. There is no option to purchase the leased System. You must return the Required Equipment to our warehouse within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the issuance of the RMA. You will be required to provide proof of delivery if requested. The Required Equipment must be returned in good working order, normal wear and tear excepted. If you fail to return Required Equipment in accordance with the terms of this Paragraph 19, WE WILL CHARGE YOU AN EQUIPMENT NON-RETURN FEE OF four hundred dollars ($400.00) for leased Systems that includes a leased camera and two hundred eighty dollars ($280.00) for leased Systems that do not include a leased camera.