Planning a move?
Here are the steps you should take to ensure your home security transitions smoothly to your new location.

1) You should contact LifeShield approximately one week prior to moving and provide us with the following information:

  • New Street Address
  • New City/Township
  • New Zip Code
  • New County
  • New Turn-by-turn instructions for emergency dispatch
  • New Emergency Contacts (verify if they are remaining the same)You may update all your emergency contacts online through your secure portal
2) Then contact us the day of your move so we may place your system in move status. Also at this time we will help you determine if there is any additional equipment needed in order to properly protect your new location. Often new adhesive tape for open/close sensors is needed along with additional sensors.

3) Once your system has been placed in a move status you may collect all the components of your system from around your home and pack them safely for your move. You may reinstall the system at your new location at any time while it is in the move status.

4) After you have the system set up at your new location you will need to contact us to complete the move process and proceed with the permit information.

5) Once your permit requirements are satisfied, if any exist, your system will reenter a monitored state.