Follow these steps to delete stored media:

1. Click “Cameras” in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
2. In the top right hand corner, click on “Saved Media.” 
3. The view defaults to showing media for All Cameras. To change this, click “All Cameras” in the top left hand corner then select a camera.
4. To delete one photo or video clip, click in top right hand corner of the thumbnail (in the white box) then click the red “Delete” button. 
5. To delete multiple photos or video clips, click each one in the upper right hand corner (in the white box). When all desired media is selected, click the red “Delete” button. 
6. To delete all media for the camera, select “All” on the left side of the screen then click “Delete.” 
Note – if “All Cameras” and “All” are selected, all media will be deleted from all cameras.