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“Overall, my experience has been great. I wanted to secure my home entirely and be able to contact the police and fire department in case of an emergency. I haven’t had any problems. It works well and I am happy.”5

–Fank Fazil of New Windsor, NY

“We are very happy with our system. It does everything we want and customer service was wonderful. We look forward to using it for years to come.”6

–Roberta of Ocala, FL

“So simple I had my 6-year-old niece plug everything in.”7

“This is a very good security system, and the quality of the included components is great. Overall, it gets two thumbs up!”8

“We’re impressed with how easy it is to add other smart home devices to Lifeshield’s system using just Z-Wave and IFTTT applets.”4

“The app and system are solid. The new version of the app with push notifications, Z-Wave device and IFTTT support shows the steady improvements being made to a very affordable and very flexible system.”2


“It is the best security system and only for a low cost.”9

–Laiq Siddiqui



Angie's List
A Rating

“SUPER! Turned out much easier then I ever dreamed.”10

A Rating

“Great job by the customer service team. I’m very grateful.”10

“There was a burglary to my house so I decided to go with LifeShield. Ever since, I have sleeping easier at night and I’m not worried anymore when I’m away from home.”5

–B.H. from Mission Hills, CA

“This is a great security system. It beats Xfinity. Great for the price and you can even access your system from your phone or another computer system. Thank you LifeShield.”6

–Joseph of Colorado Springs, CO

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