This Is L.O.U.

L.O.U. (short for LifeShield’s Operating Unit) is the brains of the LifeShield system. He is our proprietary base and is designed to talk to your home security and compatible smart home devices so you can help control everything through the LifeShield mobile app.

LifeShield Base - L.O.U.LifeShield Base - L.O.U.

L.O.U. will take good care of you and your family.

LifeShield 4 Layer Icon

L.O.U. has 4 layers of protection (including high-speed Internet, cellular signal, cellular text, and landline phone), 24 hours of battery backup and smash and crash protection.

3 Monitoring Center Icon

He stays in constant contact with your cameras and sensors and will alert you and LifeShield’s 3 connected monitoring centers if anything goes wrong.

Security Siren Icon

L.O.U. has his own 110 decibel siren that is sure to help scare away any intruders or wake you during a fire.

Smart Home Icon

L.O.U. can shut off your lights after you leave for work and let you know when your children come home from school.

L.O.U. will make sure you are on top of everything at home.


Meet L.O.U.’s Sidekicks

Door & Window Sensors

Door and Window Sensors

These discreet, battery-operated buddies install in minutes and will alert L.O.U. if anyone or anything tries to make an entrance while your home is armed.

Indoor Smart Camera & Outdoor Smart Camera

Indoor Smart Camera & Outdoor Smart Camera

Check in with your own Wi-Fi enabled smart cams–at any time & virtually anywhere–for a LIVE video feed into your home. And when you’re not watching, L.O.U.’s guys stay on duty. These smart cameras will automatically record when it senses motion AND will send you an alert with a preview of what’s happening.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors

Our wireless, pet-friendly motion sensors will alert L.O.U. if anything passes through its view. When you arm L.O.U. Stay, your entry ways help stay protected while the motion sensors take a break.

Fire Safety Sensor

Fire Safety Sensor

LifeShield’s Fire Safety Sensors are really good listeners and play nice with your existing smoke & CO detectors. If our sensors hear that siren, it will alert L.O.U. They are totally wireless and battery operated.

Temperature & Flood Sensors

Temperature and Flood Sensors

Never worry about frozen pipes or flooded areas again. These environmental sensors are great for basements, crawl spaces, water pipes & washing machines. And don’t forget the vacation home!

Glassbreak Sensors

Glassbreak Sensors

For large glass areas, like bay windows or patio doors, these guys will warn you if an intruder is trying to break in.

Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbell

When the doorbell is pressed or when motion is detected these smart doorbells will record and alert you when someone’s at your door. You can then choose to talk to your wanted OR unwanted visitors. Smile! You’re on candid camera!

Keypad & Keychain Remote

Keypad and Keychain Remote

These guys work for you and are the key to arming and disarming your system. You, your family, and even your dog walker can all have unique codes so you know who’s coming and going.

Security Touchpad

Security Touchpad

This “handy” touchpad is here for you when you need ultimate control and a full view of your entire LifeShield system. Arm your system, lock your doors, control your lights, check your weather and see what’s up.



Living the dream in your own mini-mansion? This little repeater will help L.O.U. talk to all your devices near or far.

*One free security touchpad offer is valid on any order over $300 minimum retail purchase price. Cannot be combined with other offers. New Customers Only. Upon purchase, customer agrees to the Terms of Service and Terms of Sale. First month of free monitoring begins when your security system is activated or 14 days after date of purchase-which ever occurs first.

†30-day money-back guarantee refund includes upfront costs, including activation fee when applicable, less shipping. Customer must return promotional items.