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Home Home Security Wireless System

Home Security Wireless System

How many different wires do you have dangling from your walls, taking over your outlets, and adding to your electric bill? We have phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, games, lights, tvs, radios, clocks, and so much more that gets crammed into one outlet. People jockey for positions in the best outlet and others are left charging their phones in the bathroom. Many people avoid installing any type of security system in their homes because they just don’t see a place to put it where it won’t take up any of that precious space – and if they do, it will just cause more arguments among their family members. Thankfully, LifeShield has wireless security for your home that won’t take up as much outlet space and the outlet space it does take up can be somewhat obscured.

At LifeShield, our home security wireless systems are the results of years of intense research into home invasions and technological innovations that ensure it will work when you need it to. We have built a system that works through walls, all over your home, outside, works in real time, and always connects when you need it to.

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Home Security Wireless

When shopping around for home security wireless, you need to consider exactly where you will place the different parts of your personalized system. Each piece is important and each one has a specified purpose, from monitoring your doors to detecting carbon monoxide in the air. Placement of these pieces is incredibly important to their functioning and because LifeShield’s components are all wireless, you can get that ideal placement without sacrificing your interior design or your outlets.

Even better, that camera can be moved if and when you want it to be moved. This is a fantastic option for people who want to move around or who want to have different types of protection.

Home Security Wireless for Home Automation

Home security wireless for home automation works seamlessly with the rest of the smart products in your home because our system was designed to work that way. With wireless security from LifeShield, you gain access to our iPhone or Android app where you can control the different aspects of your system and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Even better, it means that you can control the system from far away – granting people access to your home without having to give out your security code.

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Does Home Security Wireless Work Well?

Many people worry that home security wireless isn’t as trustworthy as the more old fashioned wired systems because we’ve all seen technology that doesn’t really make life easier. At LifeShield, we have worked to ensure that your system won’t have lapses or failures at any time, let alone when you need it the most.

Since we also monitor your home security wireless system, we will know immediately when something isn’t right or there is a gap in your coverage – and we start to remedy it before you even know something is wrong.

Get Home Security Wireless Today

The safety and security of your family doesn’t come with a price tag, but it does need to fit into your budget. With LifeShield Home Security, you get both – award-winning security and a plan that is affordable without sacrifice. You don’t have to wonder whether your children got home safely from school, your packages were stolen off your front porch, or even if your dog decided to leave a surprise for you when you get home.

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Our security packages and cutting-edge cameras will constantly monitor your home – even if the internet and power go down – and immediately notify emergency personnel at the first sign of trouble.

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