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Smart Home Automation

Home security and smart home
control from one single app.

A Home Security System with Smarts

The interactive LifeShield mobile app allows you to control your home security system and your compatible smart home devices in one place for a more connected experience. Automatically shut off your lights and arm your system when you leave for work, disarm your system when your children come home from school, check your cameras and sensors while you’re away, and more! With the LifeShield app, you can stay on top of everything at home.

Lock and unlock your
smart door locks

Dim or turn your smart
lights on and off

Turn your smart
outlets on or off

Set your smart thermostat
mode and temperature

Control your smart
garage door opener

Run your neato or iRobot
when you leave your home with IFTT

Smart Home Routines
Make Life a Breeze

For a full list of IFTTT applet examples, click here.

Together At Last

LifeShield is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can control your system without even having to go to your LifeShield app or keypad. You can also control your Z-Wave Plus components and set up routines with IFTTT.

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