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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

LifeShield’s Fire and Carbon Monoxide Sensors add an upgraded layer of monitoring to your home’s existing protection.

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The Sound of Safety

LifeShield’s exclusive sensor technology listens to the sound of your existing Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms, and immediately sends a signal for help to the monitoring center to call the Fire Department, protecting your entire home from Fire and Carbon Monoxide 24/7 at no extra charge. You don’t need to replace any of your existing equipment but now with LifeShield your upgraded system provides greater safety and protection.

LifeShield Fire-safety and Carbon Monoxide Sensor works with existing interconnected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors within your home. May require additional purchase of these products for full home protection if you do not already have them in each room. LifeShield is not responsible for the failure of third party smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

LifeShield does not support any nonresidential or business location for fire, smoke or heat detection, and local fire marshal codes will vary based on location. LifeShield is not responsible for the failure of third party smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

*Not all smoke/hazard detectors are compatible with the Fire Safety Sensor

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