For LifeShield Support: 1-877-464-7437  (7 Days a Week 8AM - 9PM ET)

Additional FAQs

1. Where can I buy new/additional equipment?

If you are interested in purchasing additional equipment for your system, use your LifeShield Interactive Mobile Access website. For additional instructions click here.


2. Where do I find instructions on adding additional components to my LifeShield system?

Once you have your system set up, you may find you’re interested in expanding it. You may refer to the instructions in the device guide provided inside each individual product box, review this Setup Guide or refer to


3. Do I have to purchase service with my LifeShield system?

Yes. The LifeShield system will not operate without monitoring service. LifeShield offers several service plans.


4. How do I cancel service?

Service may be cancelled by calling LifeShield Support at 1-877-464-7437. Service may not be cancelled via email.


5. Is there an early termination fee if I cancel service?

Your agreement terms are set at the time of purchase. There will be a termination fee for early cancellation with the 36-month contract agreement. There is no early termination fee for agreements on month to month terms.


6. Do I have to have a landline phone to use LifeShield?

No; telephone lines are optional. If you decide to use a telephone line as additional backup protection, you need to change a system setting in the Security Portal, so the system understands a phone line is being used. LifeShield recommends a telephone line for redundant backup communications to the monitoring center in case there’s ever an interruption to your broadband connection.


7. What if there is no telephone line near my broadband connection?

The LifeShield system can be connected to the telephone line from the Base or Console. Therefore, having a telephone line near your broadband connection is not required.


8. Will LifeShield cause interference with other RF products like my wireless network (Wi-Fi)?

LifeShield uses advanced radio frequency technology to avoid interference with other devices.


9. How many Bases and Consoles can I have in my system?

The system supports 1 Base and 4 Consoles.


10. How many sensors can I have in my system?

The LifeShield system can support the use of up to 50 sensors of any type.


11. Are there special licenses needed to install a security system?

As a homeowner, you may be required by your local municipality to obtain a permit in order to be monitored and have emergency personnel dispatched.