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Entry Keypad
Mobile App
Door & Window Sensor x 4
Motion Sensor
Fire Safety Sensor
Keychain Remote
Yard Sign
Window Stickers (Pack of 4)
Subtotal $199.15 Retail Price $331.91

SHIELD Your Pad and cover four main entry points and a large room with a motion sensor. This system is designed to secure a small home or apartment.

Security Sensors

Door Sensor $8.99 Retail Price $14.99

Cover all your exterior doors. These sensors are battery operated and super easy to set up.

Window Sensor $8.99 Retail Price $14.99

Add one sensor for each window with easy access.
TIP: for a room with more than two windows, go for motion sensors instead.

Motion Sensor $29.99 Retail Price $49.99

Love windows? So do bad guys. For rooms with lots of them or hallways with none, add a pet-friendly motion sensor.

Fire Safety Sensor $20.99 Retail Price $34.99

Place one next to each fire safety alarm.
TIP: Most modern systems are connected. If your existing fire safety alarms are all connected and sound together, you'll only need one of these.

Glass Break Sensor $20.99 Retail Price $34.99

Have large glass doors or bay windows? Place one of these nearby to detect intruders trying to smash their way in.

Temperature/Flood Sensor $29.99 Retail Price $49.99

Help prevent water damage or frozen pipes! Place in areas prone to flooding. Also, great for attics & basements and essential for vacation homes.

Smart Cameras

HD Video Doorbell $199.99 Retail Price $279.99

See and talk to who's at your door with the wired doorbell's night vision camera and two-way talk feature. It has custom motion detection & notifications.*Some wiring installation required.

Indoor Smart Camera $59.99 Retail Price $99.99

Check on the baby or see what Fido is up to. Our cameras have motion activated recording and instant notification.

Outdoor Camera $149.99 Retail Price $247.99

Keep an eye on who's outside your home with motion-activated recording and instant notifications using your outdoor smart camera. *Some wiring installation required.


Keychain Remote $14.99 Retail Price $24.99

Easily arm or disarm your system with your keychain remote from your driveway.

Security Touchpad $90.00 Retail Price $150.00

Mobile security access for inside your home. Easily arm, disarm, view camera feeds, and update settings. Great for placing on your nightstand or in the living room.

Entry Keypad $35.99 Retail Price $59.99

One keypad is already included with your base system, but an extra one is great for placing by your back door.

Yard Sign $7.79 Retail Price $12.99

One yard sign is already included with your base system, but an extra one is great for larger homes or homes with multiple doors.

Window Stickers (Pack of 4) $1.20 Retail Price $2.00

Four window stickers are already included with your base system, but extra stickers are great for larger homes with multiple entries.

Customer Service

Optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring with No Long-Term Contracts

Three coast-to-coast monitoring centers help protect you day & night–from burglary, fire and flood.

Install Sensors Easily

Easy DIY or Professional Setup*

The LifeShield system is so easy to set up. You’ll be up & running in no time at all and no tools are required! (**Professional setup is available in some areas.)

LifeShield Base

Backups for the Backup

4 layers of protection (high-speed Internet, cellular signal, cellular text, and landline phone) and 24-hour battery backup help keep you protected.

Customer Service


Receive custom notifications, texts and emails for events around your house. You set them up, you control the messages and the medium.