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Entry Keypad
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Window Stickers (Pack of 4)
Subtotal $109.19 Retail Price $181.98

Build Your Own Security System

Choose Your Security Sensors

Door Sensor $8.99 Retail Price $14.99

Cover all your exterior doors. These sensors are battery operated and super easy to set up.

Window Sensor $8.99 Retail Price $14.99

Add one sensor for each window with easy access.
TIP: for a room with more than two windows, go for motion sensors instead.

Motion Sensor $29.99 Retail Price $49.99

Love windows? So do bad guys. For rooms with lots of them or hallways with none, add a pet-friendly motion sensor.

Fire Safety Sensor $20.99 Retail Price $34.99

Place one next to each fire safety alarm.
TIP: Most modern systems are connected. If your existing fire safety alarms are all connected and sound together, you'll only need one of these.

Glass Break Sensor $20.99 Retail Price $34.99

Have large glass doors or bay windows? Place one of these nearby to detect intruders trying to smash their way in.

Temperature/Flood Sensor $29.99 Retail Price $49.99

Help prevent water damage or frozen pipes! Place in areas prone to flooding. Also, great for attics & basements and essential for vacation homes.

Choose Your Smart Cameras

HD Video Doorbell $199.99 Retail Price $279.99

See and talk to who's at your door with the wired doorbell's night vision camera and two-way talk feature. It has custom motion detection & notifications.*Some wiring installation required.

Indoor Smart Camera $59.99 Retail Price $99.99

Check on the baby or see what Fido is up to. Our cameras have motion activated recording and instant notification.

Outdoor Smart Camera $89.99 Retail Price $149.99

Keep an eye on who's outside your home with motion-activated recording and instant notifications using your refurbished outdoor smart camera. *Some wiring installation required.

Choose Your Accessories

Keychain Remote $14.99 Retail Price $24.99

Easily arm or disarm your system with your keychain remote from your driveway.