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Choose to Be Thankful and Live Your Best Life

November 04, 2019

For most Americans, November is all about the big build-up to Thanksgiving, where we look forward to good food, time off, and fun with family and loved ones. But giving thanks and living a life of gratitude is something we should try to practice all year long as there are proven health benefits that can lead to a happier existence. 

LifeShield Lifestyles: A Great Choice for Military MembersMonday, November 11th is Veterans Day, a federal holiday celebrated each year to honor and remember all those who have served in our military. Looking for meaningful ways to give back? Consider supporting organizations that benefit veterans and their families, like a local VFW Chapter, Wounded Warriors, JDog Junk Removal & Hauling, Toys for Tots, or others that are run by or for military members and their families.

Also remember, a LifeShield system is the perfect whole-home security system for military members for so many reasons. Here are 3 good ones:

Protect What You Love

Homeowners and renters don’t install alarm systems to protect walls, ceilings, and doors. They buy them to protect their lives, loved ones, and belongings. Whether you are a senior, a single person, or a family, LifeShield helps you design the perfect system to keep your home and loved ones safe.

If you’re a long-time LifeShield user, you might feel comfortable with the system setup you have, but remember: it’s always good to reevaluate! LifeShield has added some pretty cool new product features over the past few years that are worth considering.

So while you may feel okay about your Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Fire/CO Safety Sensors, adding on to your existing system is easy and will help your system work better for you.

Here are a few things you may be missing out on:

LifeShield is the Best Homewatcher You Could Ever Have

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. So for those of you who are headed out for the long weekend, we’re sharing some quick travel tips and things to consider before you go.   

What’s Your LifeShield Story?

At LifeShield, reviews are just one way we gather important feedback about our products, services, and user experience.

Recently, we’ve begun collecting customer stories so that we can also share user experiences through our website and social media platforms — and we’re inviting you to participate.

If LifeShield has helped stop a crime in your home or neighborhood, we want to hear about it!

By sharing your experience with LifeShield’s My Story community, others can gain unbiased information and develop a better understanding about how a LifeShield system can help keep their home—and community—safe.

The stories we collect will help us establish priorities for product and service improvements and guide us in how best to address the needs of the customers we serve. 

Email us at mystory@lifeshield.com.

Thank you again for being a valued LifeShield customer! We appreciate you and are always here to protect you 24/7/365.

For questions or assistance with your LifeShield system, call 877-464-7437.

Enjoy the cool days of November!