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Happy Love Month!

February 07, 2019

Finally, February has arrived! How are you doing on those New Year’s goals? Don’t get discouraged. Keep at it! You’ve got this.

For those of you living in the Northeast or the Midwest — and many other areas of the country — January’s cold weather, polar vortex, and snow squalls have made the month feel like it might never end. With all this cold weather, be sure your home is protected from freeze and flood by installing LifeShield freeze and water sensors in your home – especially in areas where pipes could burst from the cold weather. Visit our website to learn about LifeShield Convenience Sensors and tips on where to place them.

Puxatawney Phil did not see his shadow. Lucky for us, that means spring will be here before we know it!

This month we also celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th and President’s Day on the 18th. Many people choose to schedule a long weekend getaway since Monday is a national holiday. If this is in your plans, and you’re heading out of town, be sure to arm your LifeShield system before you go!

Love Your Pet!

Let’s face it: our canine companions are not just pets – they are our fur babies. As an important member of the family, they deserve the built-in safety a home security system provides.

Did you know February 20th is Love Your Pet Day? Celebrate by making your home safer for Fido and installing a LifeShield Home Security system. Here are some things to consider before ordering:

Go wireless.  Some pets, especially younger dogs, will happily chew on items such as loose wires and equipment when left alone. With a wireless system, you will avoid your pet being harmed and setting off or disabling the alarm system. Door and window sensors should also be placed higher up so they don’t attract animal attention.

Cameras are essential. With LifeShield’s free mobile app, you can check in on your pets at anytime, anywhere. You can also save video storage when your pet does something cute or funny! Be sure to share your fun videos on LifeShield’s Facebook page when you catch something good!

Door/window sensor placement is key. It is important to place safety sensors in common sense places according to how your family lives. Consider the size of your pet and where he/she goes in your home. If your pet likes to jump up on doors and windows in an effort to see outside, adjust the height placement to avoid issues with your system.

LifeShield’s motion sensor is pet friendly up to 80 pounds! Motion sensors often cause new home alarm owners to worry but there are solutions. Monitor the areas where your pet frequently goes and disable the motion sensor in these areas; or keep your pets in areas of your home where the motion sensor does not cover.

You can protect these areas with door/window sensors or glass break sensors instead!

Make Smart decisions when selecting home automation technology. If you have smart home devices linked to your LifeShield Home Security system, you can adjust the thermostat to keep your pet(s) comfortable, control the lighting according to the time of day, and more.

Where Should CO Detectors Go?

A CO detector (carbon monoxide detectors) is a very important piece of safety equipment that is a must-have at home to protect you and your family. CO sensors should be placed in multiple areas throughout your home, similar to how you would place a smoke detector. It is so important that many states, and almost all home insurance companies, require homes to have carbon monoxide detectors.

Still, so many people do not have them in their homes and if they do, they do not have enough. If you want to ensure that your home is as safe as possible, you want to ensure that you have CO detectors in the following places:

Keeping Your Bathroom Secure

The bathroom is arguably the most highly trafficked room in your house. It also is a room that has its own unique usage patterns, and therefore, needs special attention to be sure you are remembering it when securing your house.

LifeShield Security offers these reminders to add a few extra security measures to the bathroom to ensure personal privacy and safety:





Smart thinking and a LifeShield Home Security system can help keep you and your home safe from many types of dangers and disasters.