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April: A Time for Spring Breezes and Open Windows

April 08, 2019


Finally, the end of the cold months has arrived, and now it’s time for nature’s new beginnings. April celebrates Lawn and Garden Month, so if gardening is your jam – or it was your New Year’s goal to learn the basics – get excited. April is the best time for raking, mowing, fertilizing, and getting your lawn in shape for the spring and summer months. April is also the month to plant most shrubs, and the time to get control of your weeds, so be sure to pull or hoe them as soon as you see any.

As you’re gardening, one thing to keep in mind is that most people do have a false sense of security and think their home is safe when they are just out back. Keep in mind, though, that nearly 1.5 million burglaries happen every year during the day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.1, so if you’re planning to spend long periods of time in your backyard, be sure to turn on your system. And keep your phone on you so you can get text or email notifications if someone comes through the front door.

Also, pay attention to all entry points; don’t leave ground floor, easy-access windows open, as they are an easy way for burglars to enter the home. Keep downstairs windows shut and locked when you’re outside, leaving home, or headed upstairs to bed.

Make sure to cut back all bushes and shrubs around your home so that they are no more than three feet high. It’s an unfortunate fact that homes with overgrown landscaping give burglars a perfect place to hide out and survey whether someone’s at home or not. It also prevents neighbors and others from seeing someone suspicious roaming around.

Reminder: April 15 is Income Tax Day

Let’s face it: no one likes tax time, but completing your tax return each year is a huge relief. It is recommended that once you file your taxes, you should save seven years of copies of your tax returns in case of an audit.

Keeping a special, fire-safe file cabinet dedicated to maintaining your tax information is an important first step to staying organized. Store your past taxes in one drawer, and keep an open file all year long for the current tax year, including an envelope for receipts and other tax write-off information you’ll need to record. That way, when it’s time to visit the accountant next year, you can just grab and go.

Given the sharp rise in bank fraud and stolen identities, it’s also a good idea to store your sensitive financial information, passports, birth certificates, and other important documents in a single room or location, as it’s easier to protect this way. Be sure to secure your home office or storage area with a LifeShield camera and sensors on all doors and windows.  Add a sensor to each one of the drawers of your cabinet too, for extra protection, and you’ll know the moment it’s been opened.

Woman Installing Window Sensor

Window Safety is Key for Home Protection

April 1-7 is National Safety Council’s Window Safety Week, and with it comes some helpful window safety tips:

Take steps to help enhance your family’s safety by using LifeShield’s door and window sensors on all entry points of your home to get instant notifications virtually anywhere and anytime.

Pro Tip: Make it known to all who visit your home that you have a LifeShield system.

By choosing to secure your home with LifeShield, you are protecting your home and family from break-ins, as well as fire, water, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t give burglars a chance; be sure to post the provided LifeShield signs and stickers around the outside of your home to let burglars know they shouldn’t even try to break in to your home.

LifeShield Yard Sign

Selling or Buying a New Home?
LifeShield Will Get You Through It With Peace of Mind.

Are you taking advantage of the spring market to buy or sell a home? According to Realtor.com, the first week of April is the best time to sell a home, as your listing will benefit from more views, less competition, faster time to sell, and a slightly higher sale price than if you list later in the month or year.

If you have a LifeShield system in your home now, here are a few things you should know before you move:

Listing your home for sale?
Here are a few things to remember to keep your home safe throughout the sale process:

Woman Using Keypad

Don’t be an April Fool!

Be sure to set your LifeShield system at all times, whether you are at home or away from it for 24/7 total protection. Teach your kids the same.

By demonstrating good habits, you’re keeping your family safe and taking advantage of the investment you made in total home protection from LifeShield.

Thank you for choosing the LifeShield Home Security system, the only whole home security system you’ll ever need. If you need to talk to a LifeShield representative about adding on to your current system, or what to do when moving to a new home, call 877-464-7437.

LifeShield Is Superior, Whole Home Security You Can Trust.

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