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Types of Monitoring

As a LifeShield Home Security customer, you can get alarm monitoring, in-home cameras, medical and environmental alerts, plus smoke, fire and carbon monoxide protection – all at no extra charge.*

Many people buy cheap alarm systems to simply serve as a noisemaker or deterrent for potential intruders. But don’t let a low price fool you into thinking you are protected. Getting an alarm system with professional security monitoring services is well worth it. And with LifeShield, you don’t have to break the bank to get the protection you deserve.

Learn more about all of our available security monitoring services below:

Alarm Monitoring

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family with a wireless security system, there’s one critical question: when you’re in...


Fire & Smoke Monitoring

When there is a house fire, every second counts.  There are more than 360,000 house fires every year, and in...


Environmental Monitoring

LifeShield goes beyond the alarm, protecting you and your home from environmental, mechanical and natural disasters too! Don’t get caught...


Video Monitoring

Imagine this: you’re in your office, traveling in another state or even vacationing in a different country, and you’re able...