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By signing up for a FREE Local Crime Report you will receive a free report of your current neighborhood crime, daily crime alerts sponsored by SpotCrime and follow up from a LifeShield Security Advisor. Data provided by Spotcrime. Visit spotcrime.com for more details.

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You can relax. The days of stressful home security installation are over.

Now you have alarm installation options! Choose our professional alarm installation service, and have your LifeShield security system installed in no time! Or you can easily setup LifeShield yourself in less than an hour with no tools if you’re handy.




Professional Installation

Do you have a busy schedule? Not great with DIY projects? No problem. LifeShield offers professional installation. There are no...


Do It Yourself Setup

If you're handy, LifeShield is easy to setup on your own. No tools required!  Most customers can have the LifeShield security...


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