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By signing up for a FREE Local Crime Report you will receive a free report of your current neighborhood crime, daily crime alerts sponsored by SpotCrime and follow up from a LifeShield Security Advisor. Data provided by Spotcrime. Visit spotcrime.com for more details.

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Partnered with nationally recognized security brands like Protection 1, LifeShield provides superior home security services to help you protect what you love most – your home and family. Together, we protect over one million customers in the U.S., creating a local presence with our certified security experts scattered throughout cities and small towns in all 50 states.

Our mission is simple. We aim to:

  • Create safer communities with increased awareness about home security
  • Help families, individuals, and small businesses protect what they love with customized security solutions
  • Be technology innovators, finding new ways to make home security easy and affordable for everyone

From helping you find the best home security solution to helping you install and customize each component to meet your needs, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. Our security experts are always on-the-watch. Fully redundant monitoring centers coupled with the most advanced wireless security technology available offers you protection that is virtually unbeatable, no matter what happens.

Learn more about our various Monitoring and Installation services available:

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