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Our Favorite Travel Blogs

For those of us who love to travel, or maybe just daydream about it, there are some fantastic blogs online. This is by no means an exclusive list, but rather a selection of some of our favorite blogs, each offering a unique perspectives, advice and recommendations.

Some of these blogs offer comprehensive worldwide travel information, while others have short posts about the locations visited by the blogger. All offer great safety and travel security tips. Each one is worth a read.

Looking for a great travel deal? Johnny Jet is a fantastic place to start. The blog is filled with descriptive posts about attractions and cities around the world,. You can almost share the experience through his extensive photos and videos. Best of all, the blog is a fantastic resource for travel resources and deals around the world.  This website is like a great security system for someone who doesn’t know where to start.

For romantics who love to laugh and love to travel, The Everywhereist is one of the funniest blogs ever. It is written by Geraldine, a  by a woman who lost her job and began following her husband on his business travels around the world.

National Geographic Magazine is a well known resource for information and photos about the world and people who live in it. There are two great travel blogs you can find on the Nations Geographic website.  The first is Digital Nomad, written by Andrew Evans, which has a poetic feel to it, even though it is filled with technical and historical information, gorgeous photos and videos. Intelligent Travel is written by several bloggers, and feels like reading an online version of the magazine.

The Easy Hiker blog can teach anyone how to explore the world with a backpack and a good pair of shoes. It’s not for expert trekkers or outdoor survivalists, but rather for the rest of us who just want to get off the sofa, set our security systems, and discover beauty off the beaten path, “where the wildest animal you are likely to meet is a wild rabbit.”

If you are looking to travel the world with kids, Delicious Baby is the blog for you. There are fantastic suggestions and tons of advice for taking young ones around the world. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Hole In the Donut Cultural Travel blog is written by Barbara, a fifty-something woman who quit her desk job, sold her belongings, and now travels from country to country, staying for at least a month in each place so she can learn about each culture.

And on a final note, Johnny Vagabond is a hilarious look at “low and slow” trips around the world, which means budget travel and interesting experiences with local people. His website has many beautiful photos and crazy stories. Even if you have no intention of visiting the places he’s been to, it is still a recommended read.