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Why is LifeShield the Best Home Security Available? Watch these videos and find out!

  • Why Choose LifeShield?Why Choose LifeShield?
  • Technology VideoTechnology Video
  • America's Top Cop John TimoneyAmerica's Top Cop John Timoney
  • Best Value - Pay $0 for HardwareBest Value - Pay $0 for Hardware
  • Features & Benefits

    In a recent survey conducted by the National Business Research Institute (NBRI), LifeShield was named "Best Value & Best Protection" available among leading security providers. Watch the video listed below to find out why consumers like you choose LifeShield to protect their homes and families.Why Choose LifeShield?
  • Technology

    LifeShield is a proprietary home alarm system with over 20 patents. Unlike other home security systems, LifeShield gives you the best protection for your home and family at an unbeatable price. Watch the video below and see the unique technology features you get with LifeShield for FREE.Technology Video
  • Endorsements & Testimonials

    You've seen LifeShield online, in your favorite magazine, even on TV. Wondering what all the buzz is about? See what top cop John Timoney has to say about protecting your home from harm.America's Top Cop John Timoney
  • TV Spots

    Watch our latest TV spots, currently airing on a wide variety of cable channels nationwide. Get the best deal in home security today!Best Value - Pay $0 for Hardware