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When you’re trying to find a security system to protect your home and family, there are lots of options, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Check out the home alarm systems FAQ below and get to the heart of what you need to know about home security.

What sets LifeShield apart from other security companies?

Some alarm system companies are based on a hardwired home monitoring system, even though these systems are quickly becoming outdated. They require wires through your walls, and they rely on a connection from the central in-home console to your landline phone. The biggest problem is that phone lines are outside and completely vulnerable; if the outside wires are cut or the console is ripped right out of the wall, your entire home security system goes down.

Burglars know that these hard-wired home security alarm systems can be easily disarmed. All it takes is a pair of cheap wire cutters, and within seconds, they can have your whole security system dismantled. The worst part is that you won’t even know.

  • Value. The LifeShield home security system actually has multiple layers of back-up and is almost impossible for any burglar to defeat. Plus, LifeShield was one of the first companies offer customer system control via easy-to-use apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets or through our proprietary website.
  • Flexibility. As your family’s needs and circumstances change, LifeShield makes it easy for you to expand your home monitoring system as well. In fact, it’s easy and inexpensive to add additional sensors for your home, vacation home, or a new addition to your house.
  • Price. With many other security companies, you’ll have to pay for system installation, portable system access, not to mention your hardware. With LifeShield, you can expand your system whenever you want. There’s no installation cost. You also get unlimited use of the website and apps on any number of devices, absolutely free.
  • Speed. As soon as your home’s security is breached, an alert goes out to the monitoring center via broadband. That transmission speed is the fastest available so help gets to you fast.
  • Ease. Wireless systems are really easy to set up and configure, and any problems can typically be identified by one of our LifeShield trained technicians. If you can use a smartphone app, you’ve got all the skill you need install, program and use LifeShield.

In the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with your LifeShield home security system, you have 30 days to return it; we’ll even pay for the return shipping.

How is LifeShield different from an off-the-shelf retail alarm system?

While retail self-install home security alarm systems may seem like a bargain, there are definite security and convenience advantages with LifeShield. First, most of the do-it-yourself options you purchase from big-box stores are simply loud alarms that sound if a door or window is opened. With LifeShield, you do get a high-decibel alarm, but more importantly, you will have professional security monitoring—ensuring you that if your alarm is activated, a signal will go out immediately to our round-the-clock monitoring center, which then relays the information to the authorities, so help can be dispatched quickly.

Unlike many off-the-shelf wireless home security options, LifeShield alarm systems are fully integrated, so if one area of your home is breached, your entire system is immediately on alert. At LifeShield we created the first all-digital wireless home security system. We use the most advanced technology to keep your home safe, and we are constantly upgrading and developing new security features.

LifeShield also offers much more than just home security. Thanks to LifeShield’s portability, it can be used as a baby monitor. You can check the main console each morning for the week’s weather or for any severe weather alerts in your area. Set personal notifications, so you’re reminded about upcoming birthdays and anniversaries; you can even set the system to let you know when it’s time to schedule routine home maintenance.

Plus, with LifeShield, you can remotely monitor and control your home’s system from anywhere in the world with your iPhone or Android smart phone or via secure internet portal.

How will my system be installed in my home?
A certified LifeShield installer will set up your system and walk you through any questions you might have. But in the unlikely event that you need additional help, you can always call one of our LifeShield trained Security Consultants who are on standby, ready to help you make the most of your system.

LifeShield tech support is offered free.

Once my system is setup, how will I know it's actually working?

When your LifeShield home alarm system is set up, the console will show you that all the components of your system are operating and that the system itself is connected to the Monitoring Center. You can get the same information via internet, smart phone or portable device.

If one sensor needs attention, or the internet goes down, you will see notifications on your console as well as when you log in. You can also set up text and email alerts, so you’ll be notified immediately and can take action to keep your home protected.

Will LifeShield work in a condominium?

Because LifeShield is a wireless system, it’s perfect for protecting a rental. In fact, LifeShield works well in a variety of settings—condos, vacation homes, even dorm rooms.

If we move, do we have to buy a new alarm system?

All the LifeShield components are portable and can easily be set up and configured in your new place. If your new home happens to be larger than your current home, you can just order more sensors or cameras and install them yourself to make sure you’re protected.

All the LifeShield components are portable and can easily be set up and configured in your new place. If your new home happens to be larger than your current home, you can just order more sensors or cameras to make sure you’re protected.

Does LifeShield deter burglars even before the police show up?

A loud siren is built into the main console, and just as soon as it’s determined that your home’s security is breached, the alarm sounds. It’s 100 decibels— loud enough to scare away any intruders and alert neighbors.

What makes LifeShield alarm systems virtually impossible to defeat?

Older analog systems are controlled through a single master panel, which is usually easy to find and quickly disable. Smashing the keypad is another way to disable the such systems. In addition, in those systems, the signal sometimes goes through the landline phone. Lines for the phone are outside the home and can easily be cut.

LifeShield uses digital, encrypted wireless technology between multiple sensors and devices throughout the home. There are multiple controllers, all of which can communicate with the outside world using multiple communication methods. While LifeShield does have a console, if a burglar disables it, your home is still protected. If one alert system is disabled, LifeShield reverts to a different system. LifeShield actually has multiple layers of backup*:

  • Broadband
  • Cellular signal
  • Landline
  • plus Battery backup
Can LifeShield be installed outside?

You can place your LifeShield sensors in a detached garage or shed located in a spot that will protect it from the worst weather. Ask us about new weatherproof cameras coming soon for your more unsheltered locations.

Can I expand my LifeShield system once I've set it up?

One of the advantages LifeShield has over competing home security systems is that it’s flexible, so you can add to it any time, either as part of your initial order or after you’ve already installed the system.

Since the LifeShield sensors are reasonably priced, you can add them whenever you need more protection: if you add a terrace and sliding glass door to the back of your home; if you have a new baby; if a parent comes to live with you all you have to do add more sensors.

Here are some of the ways you can increase your home’s security coverage with LifeShield state-of-the-art components:

  • Additional door or window sensors. In addition to protecting windows and doors, you might want to also consider sensors on your home’s medicine, liquor or gun cabinets, so you’re always aware any time of them is opened. Our networked system makes it easy to add components, making it possible for you to have as many sensors as you need. The LifeShield system will support up to 60 sensors.
  • Fire, temperature or carbon monoxide sensors. These work with your home’s existing monitors to alert you and the LifeShield Monitoring Center if there are any problems.
  • Motion detectors. If there’s any movement sensed in when the system is armed, a signal is sent out to the Monitoring Center and you’re sent instant notification via email or through your smart phone app. You can also set up your video camera to record any time the motion sensor is triggered.
  • Security cameras. These inconspicuous cameras make it easy for you to see what’s going on in any room of your home in real time. See video or still shots and even store video on your computer for viewing at a later time. Our most popular packages Security Advantage and Security Professional come with cameras already included, and you can add more to your system at any time.
  • Glass break sensor. If you have a sliding glass door or a big picture window in your home, the glass break sensor can alert you if there’s any breakage or violation.
  • Yard signs and window stickers. With these, you can make sure that any potential burglars know your home is being protected by one of the toughest systems in the industry, before they even try to break into your home. These notices alone are sometimes sufficient to deter most criminals.
Do the wireless cameras pan or move?

Our current cameras do not have this functionality, but we are testing the best new 1080P pan-and-tilt indoor and outdoor cameras available, and will be able to offer these functions is the near future, as a simple add-on to your current package.

Do I have to use a LifeShield camera, or can I use my own video camera?

Because the LifeShield cameras are dedicated with the camera, you can’t use your own camera. We offer indoor and outdoor cameras to fit your needs.

What are the underlying technologies that make LifeShield unique?

LifeShield is a professional-grade wireless home security system. It uses many advanced and reliable technologies such as:

  • Redundant Technology—used by the military and large building owners to construct reliable communication networks in a harsh environment. LifeShield uses multiple controllers which provide overlapping coverage to protect your home and communicate with the outside world during a break-in.
  • Wireless sensors—reliable design ensures that all messages are transmitted securely, quickly and accurately.
  • Digital encryption—used to protect all communications between devices, so burglars can’t intercept messages or hack the system.
  • Cellular Communication—LifeShield added cellular option to the system, creating a system that is virtually impossible to defeat. If the internet, power AND land line go down, your LifeShield system will always be able to use cellular technology to get help during an emergency.
Is LifeShield pet-friendly?

The LifeShield home security system is very pet-safe. Since the system doesn’t have wires, your pets can’t chew through the system. You can even install a door/window sensor on your pet door to keep tabs on your pet.

Many pet owners set up cameras inside their home so they can log in during the day and check in on them. You can also set up the alert system to send you a text notification when the dog walker arrives and leaves.

Does LifeShield have any mobile apps? If so, are they free?

Great news! LifeShield has free mobile apps for iPhone and Android systems. Your apps allow you to fully control your system:

  • Arm and disarm your system
  • Change security codes, and give unique codes to contractors, visitors, and babysitters
  • See which doors or windows have been opened and at what times.
  • Set up alerts and notifications so you know who is coming and going, as well as reminder for anything, including birthdays, home maintenance tasks, and pharmacy refills.
  • Customize your system from top to bottom
  • Watch video or still shots from your home security camera
What connections do I need to install LifeShield?

You’ll need to have a high-speed internet and an internet connection to install one of our LifeShield wireless home security systems. LifeShield supports VOIP, DSL, cable and Fios.

A phone line is not required for LifeShield to operate correctly; the phone line can be used as a back-up connection to the LifeShield monitoring center.

What is non-essential monitoring?

In addition to monitoring your home for emergencies, you can set your LifeShield home security system to also notify you whenever anyone comes or goes. You’ll know exactly what time the dog walker, the gardener or the cleaning person shows up. You can also disable those people’s access or change their security codes from anywhere.

Do I have to purchase monthly service with my LifeShield kit?

Yes this is a vital part of the LifeShield service, to ensure your home is monitored and protected 24-7, and to ensure we provide you with the best support in the industry, when you need it most.

Is LifeShield a licensed security company?

Yes. The LifeShield Monitoring Center has a UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) certification and is one of only a few centers to earn a Central Station Alarm Association Five Diamond 100% Operator Certification. That means the center is recognized for its ongoing operating training, random UL inspections, excellent customer service and minimal false alarms and dispatches.

Does LifeShield have any patents?

Yes, LifeShield holds the following US patents and patents pending:

7 629 880, 7 532 114 7,511,614, 7,495,544, 7,283,048, 7,202,789, 7,119,658, 7,091,827, 7,084,756, 7,079,034, 7,079,020, 7,057,512, 7,053,764, 7,042,353, 7,023,341, 7,019,639, 6,888,459, D538,797, D534,519, D534,146