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Every home is one-of-a-kind.

That’s why LifeShield Home Security goes beyond the alarm to meet your needs based on your lifestyle. Home security is too important to leave to someone else. It is your job to make sure your home has secure door locks and a trustworthy home alarm system.

No matter where you live or what you do, you’ll find that LifeShield can be customized to best fit your specific lifestyle, the type of residence you live in, and the make-up of your family. Most one-size-fits-all products don’t fit anyone, but because LifeShield is a “build-your-own” system, you can customize it to protect any home, anywhere, with 24/7 burglary and fire monitoring.

LifeShield offers kits which you can use to start, and you can add extra sensors, keypads, security cameras, and other accessories at any time. When your family, home, or lifestyle changes, LifeShield is there to help you adapt and keep everyone safe, all the time. If you ever need to move for any reason, you can take your LifeShield wireless security with you so your home and family are always protected.

LifeShield is here to not only provide home security, but also help you develop good safety habits. When you include arming your wireless security system as part of your daily home security routines, your home and loved ones will always be safe.

Check out why LifeShield is the best fit for your unique lifestyle.

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