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When you get a LifeShield home security system, you also get  peace of mind with the unparalleled technology of LifeShield Interactive. Using advanced technology, you can easily access your security system using any smartphone, tablet or computer, from anywhere in the world. Add video cameras, and you can not only monitor and control your home’s security, but you can also see what is happening inside your home any minute of the day.

 Access to LifeShield Interactive is included FREE with every LifeShield home security system. Log in via web or mobile apps to control your home security while you’re travelling or away from home. View and access all of the great safety features LifeShield offers anywhere, anytime.

Next to the Bed

Keep the tablet by your nightstand, or carry it with you throughout your home for added peace-of-mind.

At Your Desk

Access LifeShield anytime, anywhere to see what’s going on at home.

On the Go

FREE access to LifeShield web or mobile apps with every security system.

See the New Security Touchpad

No more complicated security consoles – the new LifeShield Security Touchpad makes it simple to use your system and protect your home.

LifeShield Interactive Benefits

With LifeShield, your days of worry and frustration are over.  Access to your account, get local crime information, and get alerts instantly. 

Exclusive Features

You’ll have total control at your fingertips. Use your dashboard to monitor your system, see status updates, and see your Safety Score.

Download the App Today

FREE LifeShield Interactive apps are available for Android and iOS. Download it today and try out our demo.

LifeShield Interactive FAQs

Want to learn more about Interactive Security? We have all the answers.

LifeShield Goes Beyond the Alarm, with Features including:

Crime Near You

View recent crime events around your neighborhood and set alerts to know when crime happens in your area. 

Your Safety Habits

Learn how your daily routine affects your safety and find new ways to improve your home security.

Custom Alerts

Create custom alerts that fit your lifestyle so you are always in the know on what’s going on at home.

Always connected = Always protected with LifeShield.