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Ohio residents are always looking for a great value. That’s why LifeShield is the best home security choice homeowners and renters can choose for home protection. You have so many Ohio home security systems to choose from, so you need to do your research and pick the company that offers the best technology and the most features that you need for the best value.  Professional monitoring is extremely important, as are other features, such as multiple levels of backup. LifeShield has all of these, plus a myriad of other features to keep you safe and protect everyone and everything you love 24/7. Why choose anything less than the best for your home? 

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Why Choose LifeShield for Your Ohio Home Security System Monitoring?

Did you know that some home security companies are unreliable, and have bad customer service? You’ll never have that problem with LifeShield; we pride ourselves on having a stellar reputation, and having the nicest customer service team in the world. We know how important your home security is, and we want to educate you and help you make the best decision for your family. We will never sell you equipment or services that you just don’t need. At LifeShield, we want you to have the right amount of security to make sure your stuff, your pets, and especially your loved ones are as safe as possible.

According to the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, burglars attack homes without a home alarm system three times more often than homes with a home security system in place. Don’t put your home and family at risk. LifeShield Home Security can give you the best home security protection available. Choose your hometown or city from the list above to learn more about how monitored alarm systems can protect your home from crime and keep your family safe.

More Than a Home Alarm System in Ohio 

LifeShield gives you more than a home alarm system – you get peace-of-mind. LifeShield is a versatile, technologically advanced home security system that can do so much more than other home security systems out there. Check out some of the great additional features below:

  • Best Home Security Technology – LifeShield has a 100% proprietary home alarm system with over 20 patents, LifeShield is the most advanced home alarm system available compared to other home security companies like ADT.
  • 24/7/365 Home Alarm System Monitoring – With LifeShield you can rest assured that if there’s an emergency, you’ll know about it right away. If your home security is breached, fire is sensed, or water is filling up your basement – the signal goes out to the security monitoring center immediately. Plus, you can be notified via text or email and by phone.
  • Advanced Security Features – Personal and severe weather alerts, an internal personal contact list of trusted friends and relatives, interactive monitoring and integrated security camera options are included in the comprehensive list of features that LifeShield offers.
  • Comprehensive Protection – LifeShield offers 24-hour home alarm monitoring for burglary, as well as the option to monitor your home for fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, and other home emergencies.
  • Convenience – Set personal home reminders and never worry about forgetting to schedule home maintenance appointments or send birthday and anniversary wishes. You can even get your 3-day weather report by checking your LifeShield console each morning. Plus, you can receive severe weather alerts sent via email or text from your LifeShield home security system.
  • LifeView™ powered by LifeShield – Arm and disarm your LifeShield home security system through your cell phone or secure online portal. Plus, get text and email alerts! For example, you could live in Philadelphia and activate/deactivate your Ohio home security system while on vacation in San Francisco! ADT and other home alarm companies will charge you a higher monthly security monitoring fee for these services – with LifeShield you get LifeView™ service for FREE included in your monthly monitoring fee.

Why Purchase Through LifeShield Security Ohio?

We have a commitment to Customer Satisfaction that extends beyond the initial phone call. We are always committed to providing you with the best experience, from the decisions that go in to the initial product design to the services we offer. We want you to be happy with your experience, love LifeShield, and share it with your friends.

We use our Home Security Expertise to help you make the best choice. We know that choosing the right Ohio home security systems is an important decision. LifeShield Home Security Advisors are professionally trained to provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the best home alarm system to protect your home and family in Ohio. We will share our product knowledge and explain all of your options so that you can make an informed decision about your home security protection.

We have a strict Dedication to Strict Privacy. We will be vigilant in protecting your privacy beginning with your visit to this website, through the setup and activation of your LifeShield home security system, and beyond.

We offer No-Hassle Setup and Activation. Your time is very valuable, so there are no wasted hours spent waiting around and no ADT installation technicians in your home. LifeShield’s wireless plug-and-protect home security system lets you stay in control of your home security.

We guarantee No Hidden Fees. With LifeShield, you get more than what you pay for. Our low monitoring fee includes security monitoring as well as monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide, flood, freezing, and medical emergencies. Plus you get FREE mobile access and the ability to full customize your home alarm system to meet your needs. With ADT, you pay additional home security fees for other alarm monitoring services (fire, carbon monoxide, medical, flood, freezing) and mobile access that’s all included with LifeShield.

LifeShield could save you up to $25 a month (that’s $300 a year!) – plus you get even better security features and service. Call 877-622-3723 to get your LifeShield home security system today!


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