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LifeShield Home Security Crime Maps - Top Locations

You can never have too much information when you need to keep your family and home safe. LifeShield has partnered with SpotCrime to give you up-to-the-minute crime data you can use. You can find lists of crime statistics, but they aren’t helpful unless you have a context to help you process and use the information. LifeShield crime maps are the easy solution to this problem, because you can quickly look at a map, see the crimes in your area, and protect yourself accordingly. LifeShield home security systems include these crime maps right in your LifeView interactive dashboard, so you can check on the crime in your area on your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever you log in and check on your home’s security. 

Want to find out how safe your neighborhood is? Click a link below to see crime in your area. Don’t see your city below? Visit our local home security pages to get crime statistics for your city or town.