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Personal vs. Professional Home Alarm System Monitoring

A Price and Value Comparison

With so many home security choices, it can be difficult for anyone to feel confident in their choice. Sometimes the best way to decide is to evaluate your options and compare the features that are most important to you. In many marketing studies, price and value are the deciding factors in most consumer decisions, along with company reputation.  Let’s take a closer look at how Price and value stand up in home security systems with personal vs. professional monitoring.


Equipment Costs

Personal Monitoring: You can find equipment in any price range, from simple setups with just door/window sensors to high-tech wireless solutions that can protect any size home. You can buy home alarm system equipment that fits your price range and your lifestyle.

Professional Monitoring: While the equipment is going to be of higher quality and provide better security, it will also be more expensive. Most security companies will offer drastic discount or even free equipment when you sign a monitoring contract, bringing the cost down to $0.


Monitoring Costs

Personal Monitoring:   None. You’ll need to call the police, fire department or EMS yourself if you need help.

Professional Monitoring:   Can range from $20 to $100+ per month, depending on the monitoring company.  LifeShield Security offers 24/7 burglary, fire, medical and environmental monitoring included for every customer, starting at $29.99 per month.


Cost of a Burglary

Personal Monitoring:  You are on your own. You’ll get to work with your insurance company (if you have coverage) and pay out of pocket for anything not covered by your policy.

Professional Monitoring:  If your security system was armed at the time of the robbery, it is much less likely that the burglars will continue inside your home after the alarm sounds. Even if they do rob your home, the police will be dispatched quickly, and there is a greater chance that the burglars will be caught in the act, or captured near your home. 


Ease of Monitoring while at Home and Away

Personal Monitoring:   When you are at home, it is easy to monitor your home, as long as you keep the house quiet, lock your doors and windows, and watch for intruders. While you are away, you can’t monitor your home well, unless you have video cameras which let you watch remotely. You’ll need to watch the live feed around the clock to be sure your home is secure.

Professional Monitoring:   No need to worry. LifeShield and Protection 1 are watching your home, 24/7, even during a blackout, when power lines go down, or when you are away on vacation. You can check in using LifeShield mobile access if you want to check on your home any time, but only if you want to. LifeShield lets you enjoy your vacation. 


Police Recommendations

Personal Monitoring:   Having any type of system is better than nothing, but many burglars know how to recognize and disarm a personal home alarm system.

Professional Monitoring:   These systems are highly recommended by police departments across the country. In fact, America’s Top Cop, John Timoney, recommends LifeShield to homeowners looking for reliable home security. 


When you compare professionally monitored home security systems to the “do it yourself” systems, the answer is crystal clear. You can’t do everything yourself – sometimes, it’s better to let the professionals handle important jobs when it matters. You should let LifeShield protect your home so you and your loved ones can do the things you enjoy most.  


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