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Glass Break Sensor

The Glass Break Sensor offers the best protection for large bay windows, great rooms, sun rooms, and sliding glass doors. The sensor detects the sound of shattering glass and triggers the alarm.



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The Glass Break Sensor detects the sound of glass shattering and immediately sends an alert to the monitoring center. This is the best protection for glass areas that door and window sensors can’t easily cover. Good for glass-enclosed porch or sun room—more economical than multiple window sensors.


  • Easy DIY set up and integration
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Battery backup
  • Immediate notification and control via LifeShield
  • Free monitoring
  • Broad coverage for 25’ radius

Once your system is set up, this sensor mounts on a wall or ceiling near the glass. Minimizes false readings by having the microphone aimed at the glass and away from other sound sources in the room.

How It Works

A LifeShield Glass Break Sensor detects the sound of breaking glass within a 25 foot radius, then sends out a notification to the monitoring center. This type of window alarm is able to “hear” the specific sound made by breaking glass, instead of a traditional door and window alarm that triggers based on being opened or closed.

Consider a glass break sensor to get full home protection for your home and family at an affordable price. Plus, wireless security monitoring for these glass break door and window alarms won’t cost you anything extra; it’s FREE with your LifeShield home security monthly monitoring fee.