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LifeShield ProductsLifeShield has home security products that can accommodate the specific needs of your home and family. With the addition of a few security system accessories to your LifeShield home security kit, your LifeShield home alarm system can be transformed into a virtually unbeatable wireless security system.

Get a glass break sensor to detect someone breaking through your sliding glass door or a wireless home security camera so you can see what’s going on in your basement rec room and in the living room. You can also get additional keychain remotes, so others in your family are able to arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the house and always have mobile access to the system’s emergency panic button.

LifeShield also has products that can give you full environmental monitoring, so you’re always protected against smoke and fire, as well as freezing pipes, leaking water heaters or washing machines. LifeShield charges no additional fees for these monitoring services. Other companies will typically charge you.

As your circumstances change, LifeShield security systems have the flexibility to change with you. Even if you move, it’s easy to take LifeShield with you to your new home.

Take a look at the state-of-the-art security products you can add to an LifeShield security system.


Unlike other burglar alarm systems, LifeShield home security systems can utilize other system components to send out a signal if the Base is damaged, compromised, or disconnected. Even if a burglar destroys the Base, another component like the Console or Grid Extender picks up the signal and “calls” for help. Most other alarm systems won’t offer this type of backup protection. With LifeShield, it’s all included in one low monthly monitoring price!

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The LifeShield Home Security Console is one of the most sophisticated home security products available today. The console functions as a second layer of back-up protection and acts one of the security control centers inside your home.

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Homescreen TouchpadSecurity Touchpad

The Security Touchpad is an Android tablet that makes it easier than ever to access and control your home security system. Loaded with the LifeShield application to make it easier than ever to manage your home security, the Security Touchpad functions as a second console. Do everything you normally do on your keypad console, plus access additional safety features from anywhere within your home.

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There are lots of sensor options out there and LifeShield provides you with the best choices to make sure your home and family are safe. And with LifeShield security and environmental sensors for your home security system can easily be added at anytime to increase your coverage or secure an additional area of your home. The best part is LifeShield doesn’t increase your monitoring fee for adding more sensors to your system!

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Fire Safety

A Fire Safety Sensor, also called a Siren Detector, can be used with your existing hardwired smoke detectors to make sure you, your family, pets and belongings are protected whether you are home or not! And this fire monitoring service is FREE with professional security monitoring.

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Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras can be placed anywhere in your home so you can stream live video, record video and take snapshots, all available through LifeShield.

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Portable Control

LifeShield’s Keychain Remote puts home security at your fingertips. Easily arm or disarm your alarm system as you’re leaving your home in a hurry or returning with an arm full of groceries.

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Other Security Accessories

All LifeShield home alarm system kits include one yard sign and three door/window decals. This signage serve as your first line of defense, letting potential intruders know that your home is protected by a professional home security monitoring company.

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