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California Teen Gets Stuck Stealing From Vending Machine

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July 10, 2012
By Stephanie Zaharuk

Criminals seem to be getting dumber every day. A teen in California attempted to rob a vending machine by sticking his arm inside of it to grab a can of soda. Unfortunately for him, his arm got stuck and he was left helpless for some time.

The teen actually required the aid of police officers and first responders to get his arm out of the machine. Not only was the teen subject to the scrutiny of his peers, but he was also left with a few scrapes and bruises and no can of soda.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief, it is important to remember that dumb criminals are still a problem. In fact, they pose a more significant threat than most realize. Many homeowners use security measures that keep veteran criminals out. They leave a television on when they leave the house, put up a security sign or make sure a neighbor gets the mail if they’re away. However, inexperienced criminals will likely ignore the warning signs of home security. As such, it might be time to invest in more secure measures.

Criminals can be both idiotic and desperate, which makes them hard to predict. One might get his arm stuck in a vending machine, while another may rob your house blind. It is important to know your local crime stats and invest in home security that can thwart all types of criminals. After all, you want your home to be as tough as that vending machine when it comes to stopping thieves.

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